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Interview with Santa Hates You

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The snow is silently falling outside of your windows – hopefully not the radioactive fallout of the nuke plant just around the corner. Two heroes, however, under the surface of cuddly monsters, prepare an ultimate strike against mankind and the coming joys. We risked our lifes to sneak into their HQ to get some hot informations about their most recent evil plans to take over… oh well, just read yourselves…

Hello Jinxy, hallo PS, good that you took five minutes of a break right in the middle of your preparations to get interrogated by us for the world outside.
How are you doing?

PS:We're great! In this moment we're finishing our new album.

Ok, so let’s start as the time runs and the countdown is not to stop. How are you working together in the project?

JINXY: When it goes about the soul and the spirit of Santa Hates You we are partners in crime, so we are both equally guilty as charged.:) We are both creative subversives and we tend to manifest that in our lyrics. Sometimes I write the complete lyrics for a song, sometimes PS does and some other times we write our lyrics together, during very amusing and absolutely frenzy brainstorming sessions. We share the same Weltanschauung and sense of humor, plus we're both completely bonkers, so this makes us a perfect team. PS is our master of the sound, as I call him. He's the composer and producer and he's responsible for those fantastic musical landscapes that make you feel alive like never before and make you wanna shake your booty like there's no tomorrow. I hope he doesn't mind me saying this (he's disgustingly modest), but he's quite a musical genius! On top of that he's also a pretty great team player and always asks for and respects my musical opinion. I feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to work with him! I know that many artists would kill to be in my place, well, sorry folks, this seat's taken! Mw-ha-ha-ha!:D

And how the hell, ehm, sorry, did you find that band name SANTA HATES YOU?

JINXY:'Cause it's true!:) It's a simple fact, just like "water boils at 100°", or "after drowning you're not thirsty anymore", for instance. Know what I'm saying? But of course "Santa" is also a metaphor. We use him to represent symbolically our critical attitude against the ethic-less world in which we live.The society and the religious instances constantly preach that the "Good" will always win. Since we're small children they feed our heads repeating to us that the good hearted are the heroes, the ones who will succeed. But then we grow up, and we realize that this society persistently betrays us and those very wonderful moral values that have been taught to us when we were little. The society we live in seems to have changed the definition for the "Good" and the "good hearted": it pretty much looks like "Good" is a synonym for "success", "money" and "power". Those who shamelessly exploit others and go over corpses (metaphorically and unfortunately also literally) to satisfy their greed, are rewarded and admired by the society, just as if they were the "good hearted ones", the fairy tales' heroes. We say: that's an abomination, that's a true perversion, that's the biggest lie. Wake up, children, the truth is that Santa hates you!

Okay and how do you describe the music of SANTA HATES YOU....

JINXY: It feels always a tad weird to talk about ourselves this way, it's a bit like looking in the mirror while masturbating... it can be pretty disturbing at times!:D However, if you had a gun pointed at my head and you would force me to answer this question, I'd probably say that we make juicy electro gothic dance music with humorous, deep and rebellious lyrics!

And now a rocket is ready for lift off. It’s the new EP "Rocket Heart". What can you disclose about it?

JINXY: It's a musical kick in the ass, it's our way to make people think, feel and rebel. (All this while they're moshing their asses off, of course.:)) We live in a world that's standing still. They put the mask of "progress" over the same old things, they paint pretty perfect pictures to convince us that we are moving forward, that we are developing, that we are solving problems. That's a lie! We are STILL polluting the Earth, disregarding the most fundamental human rights, exploiting millions of people, animals and any form of life nature offered us. Racism, sexism and homophobia are still going strong. We are still living in the Middle Ages: there are states which still use torture as a interrogation method and there are even people who deny EVOLUTION!!! How 1347 is that? Time is running and we're on the edge of a cliff about to fall and in all of this shit, what do the mighty ones say? They say: we still have time! People who suffer because of us can suffer a little more and a little longer. Are you kidding us? Yes, you are! The message of rocket heart is: move YOUR ass NOW! What the fuck are you waiting for? You CAN'T wait for the mighty ones anymore, you CANNOT wait for a solution to come from above because (despite what the mighty ones keep promising) it might never come and if it really came, it would come MUCH TOO LATE! So, get the message: YOU ARE THE CORE! You are the most important part, you are the engine, and you should know it! On this note, girls and boys, IGNITE that ROCKET HEART of yours, and do it NOW!

The Tracklist is quite remarkable by the names of STRAFTANZ, AXXL E., SKYLA VERTEX, SOMAN and REAPER who contributed remixes for it. What can you tell us about them?

JINXY: All the remixers are very talented colleagues who we know personally and who we respect a lot as humans AND as musicians. We are thrilled with the results: each remix brought out a different aspect of the spirit of "Rocket Heart" in an outstanding way!

I just need to mention "Deutschmaschine". Experts will know what the song means. How did you get the idea to remix it? It is an evil revenge for the AND ONE version of "Timekiller"?

JINXY: Oh hell no! A couple of months ago, I had the idea to make a cover of "Deutschmaschine", 'cause I think it is a great song and the thematics it touches are, in my opinion, still very actual. So to me this was also a way to pay respects to the original. I talked to PS about this idea, and he loved it, so we did it.:)

PS: After Jinxy told me about the cover idea, I had a phone call with Steve and he signalized that it would make him very happy if we did the cover. We care about Steve's happiness a lot, so we went for it.:) And by the way, I'd like to use the opportunity to say that I've always liked And One's "Timekiller" cover and I think it's great that the guys play that song in their live shows. It's a way of mutual support between musicians and I love it.

SANTA HATES YOU is an independent band, and no side-project of Project Pitchfork. PS, how do you separate the bands musically?

PS: That's not really difficult. They are completely different bands. A very big difference is Jinxy, though. She gives Santa Hates You that characteristic peppery taste.

And there is something new about SANTA HATES YOU: A new Website! There is a countdown running right now. And there will be presents and gifts. What can you tell the fans about it?

PS:Well you can grab things for free, as well as you can win stuff. For example t-shirts, posters, cd's and other addictive stuff from Santa Hates You. So go and check it out, because you can get the surprises.

As far as we heard, there is a video for "Rocket Heart", too. Where and when can we enjoy it?

JINXY: Yes, that' right: we made a video! It was a pretty spontaneous action, which took place parallely to the photo-shoot we did with The Silent View. The result is crazy, fast and wild: just like us ;). It transports very well the energy we have on stage and it's a lot of fun. The premiere of the video will be on the 4th of December (which is also the release date of the "Rocket Heart" EP... coincidence? I don't think so!) on our brand new homepage! If you love danger and you're not weak-stomached, then you gotta check it out! But do it at your own risk. We warned you!:p

And what will the future bring for SANTA HATES YOU? Any other attacks you are about to prepare?

JINXY:I'd say the best "attack" we're planning is our new album. It's gonna be released on the 19th of February 2010. The title is "Crucifix Powerbomb" and it's not just a title, it's also a promise: that's exactly how the album is going to sound!:-D

Many thanks for your answers! And I am pretty sure that you have some closing remarks for the readers?

JINXY:Stay naughty!

PS:Santa Hates You loves you long time!
Translator: Schizev
Add date: 2010-01-26 / Interviews

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