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Santa Hates You

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Santa Hates You
Peter Spilles, Jinxy

Santa Hates You
Santa Hates You

Niemcy/ Germany

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
dark electro, ebm, industrial


Band members:

Jinxy - lyrics, female vocals
Peter Spilles - composition, lyrics, male vocals


Santa Hates You is a german based musical project born in autumn 2007.
Members of the band are Peter "PS" Spilles (also known as the mastermind of Project Pitchfork) and his female comrade-in-arms, the italian Jinxy.
Their music is straight forward dark-electro, with industrial traits and extremely danceable beats on one side, and catchy sequences as well as dark-wave elements on the other. The band describes their sound as "juicy electronic-gothic- dance".
Santa Hates You is the playful side of Peter Spilles, and this is reflected in the lyrics and in the image of the band. However, while being ironic and sometimes sarcastic, neither the band's image nor the lyrics end up being superficial: there's always a certain portion of depth and pensiveness hidden behind the humorous facade.
Santa Hates You have already played several live gigs, for example at world's largest and most renowned gothic festival Wave Gotik Treffen (WGT) in Leipzig (DE) and at the prestigious Gothic Festival in Belgium, as well as the Infest Festival in Bradford (UK).