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KMFDM takes the Ultra Heavy Beat to the next level with 'IN DUB', reinterpreting some of the best known songs of the group's 35 year career into a blistering set of dubbed-out grooves and atmospheres.
With a history of addressing political issues and encouraging social revolution, KMFDM reaches back to it's earliest roots in dub to present a fresh take on what it truly means to Rip the System!
Available from 21 August 2020 by Metropolis Records.

01. Dub Light
02. Superhero Dub
03. Dub Uranus
04. Bumaye Dub
05. A Dub Against War
06. Amnesia Dub
07. K.M.F Dub
08. Rebelz Dub
09. Hau Dub
10. Real Dub Thing
11. No God
12. Para Dub
Author: hellium
Source: Metropolis Records / 2020-08-10 / News

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