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Lily Of The Valley

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Lily Of The Valley
arachna & kiras

Lily Of The Valley
Lily Of The Valley

Polska / Poland

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
dark electro, dark wave, darkwave, dream pop, Gothic, shoegaze


Band members:

Emmanuella 'arachna' Robak - lyrics, vocals, keyboards, programming
Ewa Karyś 'alilah' - keyboards, peformance
Ireneusz 'kiras' Kalwat - beats, guitars


Lily of the valley as a solo project was founded by Emmanuella Robak in 2007 year. In 2008 year guitarist Ireneusz Kalwat joined the project. At the end of 2008 year duet started to record at the professional studio. Working on the first release ended in december 2009 and then the first live show had placed.

Lily of the Valley is a band whose s tyle can be placed somewhere in the middle of the Dark Independent scene. It means that they use guitars and electronic instruments in equal proportions, taking the best from the both worlds. Those into beats will find them, those who prefer more conservative “goth” sounds will be pleased as well.

Lily of the valley's lyrics describe emotions, feelings which are connected with specific moments in live.

At the end of 2010 Lily of the valley and cooperation with Halotan Records give the possibility to release first album entitled "Sounds of the moments". This first release does not sound like a debut. The music is mature and the band has the phase of experiments well behind them. Music from this cd works well on stage and in a club setting. In both cases it just shows a different face.