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Adam Kult

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Adam Kult

Adam Kult
Adam Kult

Włochy / Italy

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
dark electro, ebm, Gothic, Harsh EBM, industrial


Band members:

Jeez - vocals, lyrics, concept, production
vDiva - keyboards, samplers
Vulcan - drums


Adam Kult was born in 2004 from the ashes of the electro-band "Revelation Machine".

Initially just called ADAM, the band's self-produced EP "G.od's beautiful mistake," soon garnered attention from labels as the EP, along with their rough demo, started to invade European, Canadian and American dancefloors.

Jeez, singer and mastermind of the project, met Christian Pohl in 2006. Pohl is the frontman of the German band Blutengel and owner of Fearsection, a Berlin based label which is a satellite of the biggest Electro/Industrial/EBM German label, Out Of Line.
Mr.Phol was impressed by the presentation and commitment of the Italian singer and signed him on the spot to his label.

In February of 2007, the self titled full length album "ADAM" was released. The band played many gigs that year around Europe including Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Austria and Italy.
2007 turned out to be a fantastic year for the band. They also played Wave Gotik Treffen, the biggest German Goth/Electro festiwal. In the fall of that same year, ADAM was the official opening act for the German/Swiss Blutengel tour. The shows went so well that the album sold out, leaving the band the unfortunate situation of having to play a few shows with no cd's left to sell..

In the dead of Winter 2008, Jeez decided to change the band name from ADAM to ADAM KULT, due to problems with copyright, since another artist named "ADAM" was already signed with the german author socety GEMA, of which Jeez is now a member, under the pseudonym Adam Kult.
With a new identity and new ideas, Jeez started to write the second album.
What seemed to be easy and smooth studio session, turned to be a personal nightmare for the singer.

Crushed by the weight of big expectations, fighting with a label unwilling to promote the band as it deserves, the thousands of ideas for the second release started to bite deep inside. This lead Jeez to a mental breakdown, certanly not helped by an unhealty use of hard drugs.

But this motherfucker is tough. This is obvious when it comes to his love for music and fitness, which come together for his biggest passion - kicking ass on stage.

Slowly this wretched creature was driven to redemption, giving birth to "HARSH IS DEAD" the second official, long awaited, full length album from Adam Kult.