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Red Emprez

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Red Emprez
Mike & Adam: Red Emprez

Red Emprez
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Polska / Poland

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
darkwave, electro, industrial, synthpop


Band members:

Mike - electronics, noise
Adam - vocals


"The Red Empress" or rather Red Emprez has been breathing for some years now. Initially it was a one man project (Mike) based on experimental electronica. A few tracks from this period can be found in Strefa WP ( - "Wait (beta version)", "Red morning", "The Grand Improvisation", "Cold", "In a flash", "Guitar's Dream", "Intro", "She still stands there".
The breakthrough came in June of 2004, when Red Emprez performed for the first time as a duo, during the International Pupeteer School Festival in Bialystok.
Following the concert, the band had created the "Clubgirls and poofs" demo material. Its sound was presented for the first time at the 10th anniversary of the "Odeon" club in Bialystok. A few shows (on in the Fabryka club with No Signal Detected and Agonised By Love) made the public curious. Thanks to that we've realised that we're on the right track. The songs came into being as spontaneously as you can imagine it. Jamming and improvising have been our basis, so we have no self-imposed oundaries.
Music? Style? Electro, industrial, gothic, ambient - each of the words means something, and together they make up the face of Red Emprez. Our fascination with Trent Reznor's, Mortiis', Depeche Mode's, Marilyn Manson's and David Bowie's art to name but a few is what fuels the energetic-erotic mix of beats, melodies and kitch 80's sound interlaced by fumes from a diabolical factory.
Together with PTV Bialystok we've recorded a clip to "Caress me" (big thanks to Maciej Aronowicz - the writer, director and editor of this project). It is currently aired in the Polish cable television, TMT. We also have been partiting in other projects: Dominium, Bright Ophidia, Judy4 and Quarter. It's just like that!