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One of the most influential independent record labels featuring such
legendary bands as Bauhaus, the Cocteau Twins, and Dead Can Dance.

Language(s): English // Visits: 6363 // Author: Vort
Accession Records
Accession Records - independent label with dark electro acts such as Diary Of Dreams, Diorama, Assemblage 23, Psyche, Megadump, Haujobb...

Language(s): English, German // Visits: 3658 // Author: Vort
Alfa Matrix
Official website of Belgian label Alfa Matrix (dark electro/EBM/industrial/synthpop).

Language(s): English, French, German // Visits: 3541 // Author: Antares
ARK Records
Italian alternative music records.

Language(s): English // Visits: 4177 // Author: Dobermann
Beast of Prey
Dark ambient, neo folk, industrial, neoclassic, noise, dark experimental music label.

Language(s): Polish, English // Visits: 3841 // Author: Dobermann
Cold Spring
Cold Spring - english label. Ambient, noefolk, industrial.

Language(s): English // Visits: 3687 // Author: Vort
An english label of electronic music.

Language(s): English // Visits: 3627 // Author: Attack
The largest lithuanian label which specialialization is local folk and gothic music.

Language(s): Lithuanian // Visits: 2490 // Author: Alastor
Equilibrium Music
Portuguese music label and online mail order, specializing in Neo-Classical, Dark Folk, Dark Ambient, Heavenly Voices, Martial Industrial and related genres.

Language(s): English // Visits: 2622 // Author: Vort
Erebus Odora
Swedish label - ambient/industrial.

Language(s): English // Visits: 2355 // Author: Vort
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