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Cold Night
Cold Night: called 'Cold' but hot in fact party, with independent sounds from goth through darkwave ‘till rythmic pulse of EBM and electro presented to You by Cold Night Team

Language(s): Polish // Visits: 4253 // Author: Vort
Site one of the dark-electro/ebm/synth music parties

Language(s): Polish // Visits: 9937 // Author: electrauma
One of the best electro party in Poland.

Language(s): Polish // Visits: 3074 // Author: Vort
Fallen Angels Party
The Fallen Angels Party is periodical, monthly party in gothic style which take place somewhere in dark undergrounds of Wroclaw in Poland. On the party we present the wide range of independent music from gothic metal to dark&harsh electro.

Language(s): Polish // Visits: 2650 // Author: faust66
Generation of Rain
Party in Warsaw.

Language(s): Polish // Visits: 2808 // Author: SVN
We organise concerts and parties as well as promote interesting independent/alternative artists.

Language(s): Polish // Visits: 2203 // Author: DoomHammer
The website of Breslau electro party.

Language(s): Polish // Visits: 2480 // Author: khocico