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Nine Inch Nails - The Fragile

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The quintessentials of experimental, indu-electronica music with a pinch of rock are presented on the 1999 double LP "The Fragile" by the Nine Inch Nails. A concept album. Reznor selected bits and pieces from his experience and put them together as a collection of great tracks. I don't know why some fans rant, I found relief on this album. All the tracks present on the LP are a whole, starting with the "We're In This Together" with a stunning clip, flooring many a gentler soul. A chase after all that we crave for, all that we look for. Almost all of us. "The Frail", "The Great Below" - absorbing sounds with cellos, guitars, synthesized sounds with emotional vocals having an impact on the ego of the listener. The second disc doesn't boast so many so called "hits", but it's still coherent. "Into the Void" - a bloody claustrophobic clip. The tradition motivates. The rhymed "Starfuckers, Inc." deserves an honourable mention, as well as "I'm Looking Forward To Joining You, Finally." About such records like "The Fragile", one could write praisewords ceaselessly. It entails the most imporant elements of the genre. A fully professional performance seduced many a soul. "Ripe (With Decay)" as a goodbye. 100 points in my opinion. More travels like that, Reznor.

1. Somewhat Damaged
2. Day The World Went Away
3. The Frail
4. The Wretched
5. We're In This Together
6. Fragile
7. Just Like You Imagined
8. Even Deeper
9. Pilgrimage
10. No, You Don't
11. La Mer
12. The Great Below

1. The Way Out Is Through
2. Into The Void
3. Where Is Everybody?
4. The Mark Has Been Made
5. Please
6. Starfuckers, Inc.
7. Complication
8. I'm Looking Forward To Joining You, Finally
9. The Big Come Down
10. Underneath It All
11. Ripe (With Decay)

Translator: Chris
Add date: 2006-02-02 / Music reviews

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