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Organic Cage

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Organic Cage
Organic Cage

Organic Cage
Tim Kasten aka Organic Cage

Niemcy / Germany

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
powernoise, Rhythmic Noise


Band members:

Tim Kasten


Without my music I am almost nothing! Influenced by different kinds of movies , this sickening reality that's forming humanity into a blind, deaf and numb failure. Futher more I am getting deep inspirations by some acts and artists in different kinds of music,... Mike Patton, Meshuggah, Combichrist, Khoma, Dillinger Escape Plan, Morgul, Merzbow, Thorns, Chris Liebing, ...and a few more ! The name [organic_cage] I have taken from the song "Concatenation" by Meshuggah. the lyrics of that song starts with : "a stale organic cage...." That moment I was stunned by these words! and by the way, that song is so incredible and intensive,...! My decision was made! Since the startup 2002, I am performing the idea behind the project on my own. The style is raging between electro-industrial, powernoise and experimental, often the most intensive and direct as possible. No borders! My idea of Organic Cage is a big, dark crowd...building one hell of a zombie-moshpit,...head bangin, feet stompin and overdosed of energy!