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Karloz.M in Washington DC



Date of establishing :

Music genere:
industrial, noise, powernoise, Rhythmic Noise


Band members:

Karloz. M: all production, mixing, sound design, lyrics


Karloz.M started working on music in 1998 mainly using tape-to-tape experimentation. That same year a friend heard some recordings and urged him to get a computer. In 1999 Karloz.M began working on his very first computer produced material, mainly working on beats, that he could use on his DJ nights. Friend DJ Hana-Solo heard some of these beats and told him to work on a fully constructed track with all the nuts and bolts. After listening to some of the very first 1999 demo tracks, DJ Hana-Solo and his friend Scott Sturgis of Converter and Pain Station fame told Karloz to keep writing and to fully pursue a music outlet. The result was the birth of Manufactura in the fall of 2000. Early 2001 saw the release of Manufactura's debut CD titled "Regression".

Since the release of the Debut CD for Manufactura, Karloz.M has been working non-stop on remixes for many artists with in the powernoise, EBM, synthpop, Industrial genres such as Converter, Combichrist, Terrorfakt, Haujobb, Sonar, E-craft, Aghast View and many more.

In the past 5 years, Manufactura has performed close to 300 shows across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. With such notable bands as Converter, Sonar, Haujobb, Hocico, Combichrist, Terrorfakt, Sister Machine Gun, Glis, Imperative Reaction, Assemblage 23, Babyland, Synapscape, SMP and many, many more.

After several special limited releases and the first 2 albums, 2005 marks the release of "Presence: into the here and the now" as the 3rd and newest album by Manufactura. It is the continuation of a journey that began five years earlier with "Regression", and was continued through with "Precognitive Dissonance"

“We’re set silently on fire” is the title of the 4th and new album by the now infamous, influential and unpredictable project known as Manufactura. With the success of his prior trilogy styled albums, Manufactura’s Karloz .M paved a way in blending sounds, and genres not often heard in what is known today as industrial music. To this day many DJ’s, clubs and fans have trouble classifying or labeling Manufactura to any one category. Nevertheless Manufactura has conquered many dance floors and fans through out the world. With the new album, “We’re set silently on fire” he gives us even more new sounds of heavy, hard and emotional work to devour. The Album Features 14 tracks of hatred, violence, loss, betrayal, melancholy and pure unadulterated madness. Including a rendition of a song made famous by Bjork. Forget what you’ve heard before and be prepared to be set on fire. Available October 31st 2006.