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Francja / France

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Music genere:
powernoise, Rhythmic Noise


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The SCHULTZ project was created in 2002. Following the release of a music demo and the composition of remix‟s for different artists such as Kom-Intern, Thafs, Blackulla or Wäks, the project really took-off in 2006, when Schultz joined VDREY (, a talented painter and on-stage performer, who was herself looking for a musician to perform with.
Since then, they have been performing on stage together, Schultz playing his harsh-industrial music live (mostly influenced by M-Tronic, Hands, Parametric, Ant-zen, and Hymen recordings) and VDREY painting erotic and fetish oriented shapes.
SCHULTZ solo performances are a mix between music and videos and his sound can be defined as a blend of Electronica, Dance, Industrial and Gothic genres. His joint performances with VDREY are a mix of several kinds of art with dance, painting, music and video.
SCHULTZ released his first demo disk in 2004 called „26.05.02‟. In 2007 he released his first album called “BioMeKaniKal” on the Swiss label “Urgence Disk Records” which sold 500 copies. The second album called “PSYKIATRIK AREA” was released in September 2008 on the US label “Soviet Media Kontrol” At the beginning of 2009 on the French label MEKA, a re-edit of his first demo was released with 3 exclusive remix‟s. In September 2009 he released on the English Net Label KULTURA “La Mort...” a free download mini album available at: . His Third album called “War n‟Sex” was released on “Soviet Media Kontrol” in March 2010.
SCHULTZ is to release on September 20th 2011 the album “SCHULTZ” on the Glory & Honour Label, with a more electro sound.
He released in March 2011 a free mini album called “Electronikal Disease”.