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Samsas Traum

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Samsas Traum
Alexander Kaschte

Samsas Traum
Samsas Traum

Niemcy / Germany

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
darkwave, Gothic, Gothic Metal


Band members:

Alexander Kaschte - vocals, programming
Small Balls - guitar
Paul Wilkinson - guitar
Michael Beck - drums
Dave Pybus - Bass guitar


Samsas Traum was evoked in 1996 by Alexander Kaschte as solo-project, resulting from his incapability of working together with other musicians. Having performed as vocalist and guitarist in several black, death, doom and melodic-metal-bands before, he decided to walk his own paths, to step forward into the wide fields of darker electronic and neoclassical music. The first demo-tape "Nostalgische Atavismen" sold more than 500 copies in the worldwide underground, slowly spreading the news that Samsas Traum someday might become more than a very strange little band with even stranger german vocals. After recording and releasing two more demo- and promo-tapes, the band signed their record deal with Trisol Music Group Germany (co-works with London After Midnight, Sopor Aeternus, L'âme Immortelle) on the 1st of march 1999, exactly three years after the bands foundation.