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Letzte Instanz

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Letzte Instanz
Letzte Instanz at M'era Luna 2016

Letzte Instanz
Letzte Instanz at M'era Luna 2016

Niemcy / Germany

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
alternative, alternative rock, folk metal, Gothic, Gothic Metal


Band members:

Holly Loose
Benni Cellini
Bernie Geef
Michael Ende
Andy Horst


Letzte Instanz, founded in Dresden, Germany in 1996, is a German metal band particularly noted for their use of the violin and cello.

The founding members included Hörbi, Tin Whistle, Muttis Stolz, Kaspar Wichman, Holly D. and Markus G-Punkt. Benni Cellini and Robin Sohn entered the group a year later.

To date, they have released eight studio albums, two live albums, two live DVDs, three singles and have appeared on a number of mix CDs.

When the band's first album, "Brachialromantik" (Brute Romance), they earned swift comparisons to the giants of the popular German medieval metal genre like Subway to Sally and Tanzwut, despite objections from the band that this was not an accurate expression of their sound or style. Shortly before the album's release, the singer Hörbi left the band to pursue other projects, and the band was left unsure of themselves and faltering with the public taking little interest in their record. Enter Robin Sohn and a new era for the band.

Gothic rockers Letzte Instanz is one of the country’s most important ambassadors for ambitious artistic impression. Unlike groups such as Rammstein, Letzte Instanz don’t rely on brute force, but give the listener food for thought - wrapped in a tasteful environment of guitar, bass, drums, violin and cello. No matter if you call it rock, alternative or gothic: the band has established a very unique sound.