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Das Ich

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Das Ich
Das Ich at Nocturnal Culture Night 2015

Das Ich
Das Ich at Nocturnal Culture Night 2015

Niemcy / Germany

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
darkwave, ebm, Gothic, industrial


Band members:

Bruno Kramm - Music, Instruments, Vocals
Stefan Ackermann - Lyrics, Vocals

Live Members:
Marty Soffker - Keyboard, Vocals
Stephan Hauer - Drums


Das Ich is one of Germany's most famous Gothic bands. Established in 1989 by Stefan Ackermann - vocals, lyrics and Bruno Kramm - music, instruments, the band looks back on a career that spans since many years in music bussiness.

Wwith countless concerts in all corners of the world and releases that were as ground-breaking and praised by Gothic audience as they were shocking to the conservatives and narrow minded.

Always re-inventing and surprising, the interest in Kramm's fascinating soundscapes and Ackermann's dark, haunting singings is unbroken.