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Signal Aout 42 - Insurrection

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Six years after "Inspiration" Signal Aout 42 strike back with "Insurrection". The Belgian EBM legend focus their strength and are completely unstoppable on the new album. Impulsive beats celebrate the battle of the machines that has never been that versatile yet tasteful.

Being revolutionists of electronic music Signal Aout 42 unified EBM and New Beat and wrote history doing that, now it is time to commemorate this history. "Insurrection" is a summary of all that SA42 has done until today", Jacky Meurisse summarizes "My music evolves at the same time as me. It's like good wine, I'm getting better with time." Well, the taste was worth the mature this time.
Available from 7 June 2019 by Resurrection Records.

1. Under Pressure
2. Technocra(z)y
3. Welcome to Reality
4. Out of Control
5. Le Bien - Le Mal
6. No Apologies
7. Insurrection
8. Honor and Justice
9. Can you hear my Rage?
10. Dance until the Sun rises again
11. Black Snow
12. The new World
Author: hellium
Source: Resurrection Records / 2019-05-29 / News

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