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Nachtmahr - Widerstand


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Nachtmahr's latest EP "Widerstand" is a far more than a massively produced, sublimely arranged club manifesto of the purest zeitgeist: His is the resistance to end all resistance, incarnated in the two brand-new songs "Firmament" and "Ungezähmtes Land". Nachtmahr‘s call to arms as of 2018 is a bit more melodic, a bit more dramatic, yet it doesn‘t lack common virtues like destructive beat dominance and wildly thrashing Industrial madness. Even more variety, however, can be found in the numerous remixes, reworks and edits present on this EP: An Apocalyptic Folk version of "Mütterchen Russland" produced by Thomas Rainer himself, "Ungezähmtes Land" with Russian vocals courtesy of Michail Evodkimov (Eisenwut) and "Firmament" with Maria Mar‘s (Omnimar) unique voice.

Add to that other stomping remixes like by ES23, Greg Oroth, as well as, huge surprise, a rendering of "Ungezähmtes Land" by Martial Folk legends Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio. Their take produces a bombastic hymn to the end of all things.Ten tracks, ten different worlds – ten nightmares with overlength. This gripping intermezzo, it must be duly noted, is true to the rest of the strict Nachtmahr commandments as well.

Thus, also a luxurious, voluptuous packaging with high gloss photography as well as yet another take on Nachtmahr‘s iconic uniform fetish are part of the deal. Everything different as expected, everything enthralling as expected from Austria‘s most famous partisans. Or, as Shakespeare would have said: "Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more" – and make this march yet another triumphant procession.
Avalable from 29 June 2018 by Resurrection Records.

01 Firmament
02 Firmament (Russian Vocal Version feat. OMNIMAR)
03 Firmament (Remix by ES23)
04 Firmament (Remix by SHAÂRGHOT)
05 Ungezähmtes Land
06 Ungezähmtes Land (Russian Vocal Version feat. EISENWUT)
07 Ungezähmtes Land (Remix by AFFENTANZ)
08 Ungezähmtes Land (Remix by GREG OROTH)
09 Ungezähmtes Land (Cover by ORDO ROSARIUS EQUILIBRIO)
10 Mütterchen (Russland Apocalyptic)
Author: hellium
Source: Resurrection Records / 2018-06-25 / News

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