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Suicide Inside

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Suicide Inside
Suicide Inside

Białoruś / Belarus

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
industrial, noise, powernoise, Rhythmic Noise


Band members:

Alexey Protasov


Born in 2005 in London, Suicide Inside is the second project of Natasha and Alexey Protasov, both well-known on the elektro scene for their muscled Ambassador21 project.

Suicide Inside stands for complex hard elektro versus complex industrial break-beat. Massive technoid beats, distorted industrial noise, post apocalyptic synth sounds and harsh powerful female vocals.

With 3 full-length albums under their belt (“Theory Of The Arising Of Desire”, “Learn To Swallow” and “Dead Red”) and multiple concerts across Europe, the duo has now joined the Alfa Matrix family for the release of their 4th studio album entitled "Homicide" to be released in early 2012.