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M. Nickels


Niemcy / Germany

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Music genere:
industrial, noise, Rhythmic Noise


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M. Nickels


100blumen's roots are in guitar (punk, grindcore and metal). from the beginning his political stance was anti-fascist and he still characterizes himself as an anarchist. he discovered industrial music in 1997 after debuting as a vocalist in a punk band and a few years later he started experimenting with electronic equipment. in 2005 he founded the 'le petit machiniste' label and the project that became 100blumen... although the project's name was taken from the mao zedong quote, (which sounds harmless at first but culminated in terribly oppressed freedom of expression) 100blumen's musical aim is not necessarily political. in his own words, music is an articulation of emotions: 'not exactly the adequate means to express myself, but so far there is no better one available'. what you are about to hear is a sheer outburst of distorted noise, chopped sequences and hard driving beats. an edgy fusion of energy and aggression, rooted in the roughness of punk without any stylish teenage riot nostalgia. essentially the sound is the power of innocent machines forced to run amok. this is the continuation of what started with the no-fi industrial movement way back in the eighties. music that keeps you awake. music that forces you to think. music to make you move.