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Jan Roger Pettersen

Norwegia / Norway

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Music genere:
dark ambient


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Jan Roger Pettersen


Svartsinn (Jan Roger Pettersen) is an artist from Trondheim, Norway. He makes music in the field of Scandinavian dark and obscure ambient and has done so since 1999. Over the years Svartsinn has made 4 full albums, the debut was released via Eibon Records in Italy and the 3 following ones via Cyclic Law in Canada. He also has appearances on several compilations, movies, documentaries and theatre plays to show to and plays live frequently...

"Like a nautical ghost story painted without words, Norway’s Svartsinn weaves a foreboding electronic soundtrack to serve as fuel for vivid nightmares."
from the Re:Gen Magazine

"Svartsinn has achieved an impressive aural document that transports the listener out of the mundane depositing the unsuspecting in a dark domain filled with writhing dark ambient music"
- from Heathen Harvest

"Jan Roger Pettersen keeps on feeding the paths and landscapes of his own imagination with an infinite process of constant renovation, which means a dynamic variety of sounding shapes over a static general vein. There is not a single space for distraction; he always obliges the listener to be immersed without a single pause within the great scope of its own music"
- from The Sekuencias De Culto webzine