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Atrium Carceri

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Atrium Carceri
Atrium Carceri

Atrium Carceri
Atrium Carceri

Szwecja / Sweden

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
dark ambient, drone, industrial ambient


Band members:

Simon Heath


Atrium Carceri is a Swedish musical project by Simon Heath. Atrium Carceri’s albums incorporate cinematic themes that help make sound much more haunting. The perfect soundtracks to untold horror movies.

Journey of Atrium Carceri starts with “Cellblock”, which is released in 2003. Unique sound effect and atmospheric focused album with short concise tracks and strong telling cause the release to critical acclaim.  In 2004 it is followed by Seishinbyouin”. Another album – “Kapnobatai” is released in 2005. This album solidifies the Atrium Carceri mythos, with strong ties to “Seishinbyoin”. New album – “Ptahil” comes in 2007. While previous albums revolve around the same narrative, “Ptahil” starts a completely new one that will be slowly woven into the timeline on future albums.  

The mythos throughout the albums becomes clearer and quite a few puzzles falls into place with a change of perception. In 2008 “Souyuan” is released. It picks up again after first releases the narrative, the downward spiral of the protagonists psyche that brings closer to the ancient home, the never ending metropolis. “Phrenitis” comes in 2009. With fresh narrative, it is album about the illusion breaking apart in places of war and human suffering and those that seek these places out to break into the other side. It is the first album going into depth of exploring the ancient homes of our long lost past and maps its points of interest.

“Reliquiae” from 2012 starts new chapter, as Simon Heath starts the Dark Ambient label Cryo Chamber.  It is followed by “Void” along with Atrium Carceri & Eldar – “Sacrosanct”.

In 2013 comes “ The Untold”, the album presenting truth that other albums led to. The Demiurge is gone, the architect not seen for thousands of years since descended the abyss. The album revolves around an expedition into the dark pits of the abyss, a massive hole in the center of the ancient Metropolis to find out what happened.

2015 brings 2 albums. 15 track soundtrack “The Old City”, which is composed for the Narrative Philosophical game "The Old City". Soothing string like atmospheres, distorted drones and brooding atmospheres carry the listeners throughout the album. 
“Metropolis” - locked out from the Illusion, this album takes place entirely in our former home. The darkened sky and gargantuan citadels line the horizon as the endless city, we once ruled as gods, stretches as far as the eye can see. Crossing the sea of the dead in search for a Beacon of Light that can lead the expedition to uncover the truth about the factions in control, what happened to the long lost architect and how to open a portal back into the colorful illusion the ignorant call home.  This 11 track Atrium Carceri album is closely connected to ""The Untold and sheds more light unto what goes on in the Atrium Carceri universe and the "Metropolis" in particular. An industrial, dark, distorted and cinematic experience unlike any other with amazing attention to detail and subtle layering, this album begs for repeated listening to take it all in.

Atrium Carceri is typically described as dark ambient and industrial ambient music. Similar to projects like Lull and Lustmord, Atrium Carceri uses synthesizers, sound effects, field recordings, piano and other instrumentation to create “slow rhythms, bitter melodies and complex textures” generally based on themes of desolation, loneliness (especially solitary confinement) and environmental decay.

Atrium Carceri has been praised by music critics and embraced by a cult audience for its depth of atmosphere.

His music has been featured in everything from Hollywood movies such as “Deliver us from Evil”, to short films, documentaries and video games.