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The Birthday Massacre - New Looking Glass



The Birthday Massacre will be unleashing a new single upon the world on May 2nd, 2008. "Looking Glass" is the name of the new EP, featuring new tracks, remixes and the videoclip "Looking Glass" in quicktime format! Total running time of this ep is over 30 minutes. 8 tracks and a videoclip. Never a band to fall short of expectations, The Birthday Massacre have once again surpassed the expected, and created an EP that outshines most albums.

Now that The Birthday Massacre returned from New York City where they did the shooting for the new videoclip "Looking Glass", the fans will soon have a chance to see this excellent new clip by director Dan Ouellette. Stop by on the Myspace-Page of the band once in a while and watch out for the brand new videoclip "Looking Glass"!

Looking Glass Tracklist:
01. Looking Glass
02. Falling Down (crawling pulse mix by The Start)
03. Shiver
04. Red Stars (lukewarm lover mix by Il Attire)
05. Nowhere (instrumental)
06. Red Stars (space lab mix by Dean Garcia)
07. Weekend (NYC 77 mix by Dave Ogilvie/Matthew Moldowan)
08. I Think We're Alone Now

BONUS: Looking Glass Video-Clip
Author: Gosh_Absi
Translator: Gosh_Absi
Source: / 2008-03-13 / News

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