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The Klinik

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The Klinik
The Klinik na Wave Gotik Treffen 2014

The Klinik
The Klinik on Wave Gotik Treffen 2014

Belgia / Belgium

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
ebm, industrial


Band members:

Marc Verhaeghen (1981–present) (Studio Music)
Dirk Ivens (1985–1991 and 2003–present) Voice/Lyrics
Past Members:
Eric van Wonterghem
Sandy Nys (1985)
Mark "Merlin" Burghgraeve (1981–82, 1995)
Thorsten Stroth (1995)
Tom Claes (1996)
Stefan Mertes (1996)
Nickanor (2002)


Klinik, (sometimes called The Klinik), is an industrial music band from Belgium, originally formed around 1982 by electro-synthpop practitioner Marc Verhaeghen, who is the only constant member.
Marc Verhaeghen originally formed Klinik in the early-to-mid 1980s; the exact date varies depending on the source.
The group is normally described as one of the most influential Belgian industrial bands in history.
In 1985, Verhaeghen joined forces with two other bands, Absolute Body Control (with Dirk Ivensand Eric van Wonterghem), and "The Maniacs" (Sandy Nys) to form one "super group" "Absolute Controlled Clinical Maniacs". This rather unwieldy name was soon dropped in favour of the shorter name "The Klinik". Nys soon left the band to form "Hybryds", followed in 1987 by van Wonterghem, leaving The Klinik as the "classic" duo of Dirk Ivens and Marc Verhaeghen.
The Klinik soon made a name for themselves with their cold and harsh EBM sound and their live shows, where both Ivens and Verhaeghen performed with their heads wrapped in gauze, wearing long black leather coats. Ivens' hissing vocals and minimalist lyrics were complemented by Verhaeghen's synthesizer skills and distorted trombone playing. This however, did not last forever; after Time, an album neither member was fully pleased with, musical differences became too great, and they decided to go their separate ways. In a 2013 interview, Ivens said the due were moving in different directions musically, and that compromise between only two members was challenging.
Ivens concentrated on his own project Dive, and Verhaeghen continued as Klinik (dropping the definite article from the bandname at this point); sometimes as a solo project, sometimes with various other members.
Most Klinik members have also been active outside the band. Ivens has been in bands such as Absolute Body Control, Dive, Sonar, and Blok 57; Eric van Wonterghem played with Ivens in Absolute Body Control, and has later been part of or collaborating with bands such as Insekt, Monolith, Dive and Sonar. Sandy Nys formed Hybryds already around his departure in 1986, a project which is still active.
Verhaeghen has been involved in several projects outside Klinik, including Noise Unit (with Bill Leeb and Rhys Fulber of Front Line Assembly), D.Sign (with Philippe and Eliane Fichot of Die Form), X10 (with Niki Mono, Marc Ickx of A Split-Second and Vidna Obmana), and Para (with his own wife Sabine Voss).
Ivens and Verhaeghen briefly reunited for a few concerts in 2003/2004, one of which was released as a CD in September 2004.
The band's first album in 22 years, Eat Your Heart Out, was released in a limited pressing of 150 black vinyl / CD copies in March 2013.