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Plastic Noise Experience

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Plastic Noise Experience
Claus Kruse

Plastic Noise Experience
Plastic Noise Experience

Niemcy / Germany

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
ebm, industrial


Band members:

Claus Kruse


In the early 90's, their debut album "Transmission" immediately propelled Plastic Noise Experience to the forefront of the explosive German dark elektro scene along side of bands like Project Pitchfork, Das Ich, The Eternal Afflict and Calva Y Nada. With the dynamic releases that followed ("Visage De Plastique", "Transmitted Memories", "Strings Of Ice", Rauschen", etc.), P.N.E. infiltrated dancefloors all over the world and started touring extensively throughout Europe exciting the crowds with hits like "Gold", "Smalltown Boy", "Kill The 6", "Strings Of Ice", "Last Regression", "City Of Lies", etc. However due to some trouble with record companies, P.N.E. was abruptly forced to keep silent. But the giant awoke in 2002 and surprised us all with the "Clean Head" single. The machine had been refueled and the ignition set, P.N.E. returned to the stage at various major festivals, appeared on numerous compilations which all led to the inevitable declaration that the Master has returned. Uncompromised old school EBM, harsh powerful German vocals, kicking distorted beats and virulent Kraftwerk-like melodies... Generated by the force and precision of current technologies in combination with the vision of an originator, creates what could only be described as "good old electronic music with an edge".