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Torul - Partially Untamed

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Torul is a musician from Ljubljana, Slovenia, who is one of the pioneers of electronic music in his country. Torul is Synth Pop for the 21st century. In 2002 Torul already made a song called "Waterproof Theme", which has been played in clubs throughout Europe. The release of the single "Try" in spring 2011 became a real club hit.

Recently Torul's album "In Whole" has been released. Two months before the title track had been released on the maxi-single "Partially Untamed". The single contains two songs, "In Whole" and "Show Me Your City", and also four remixes of "In Whole".
The first song "In Whole" starts with a synth pattern, which may remind a little bit of Depeche Mode. Like "Try" also "In Whole" is danceable club music. The melody hardly changes throughout the song. The singer goes with his voice from low to high, concluding in the line "In whoooo-le". The song has potential, but does not reach the quality of its predecessor "Try".

The b-side "Show Me Your City" caught my attention. It has a clearly audible 80s influence. The vocals go well with the melody, making the song a solid whole. The song is a little different from other stuff I know by Torul.

The rest of the songs are the Noir Frais, Tenek, Bacteria and Qualiass Stomp Remixes of "In Whole". Usually I am not listening a lot to remixes. From all those I like the Noir Frais remix still the best, but prefer the original song.

All in all, "Partially Untamed" contains two songs, which are definitely making appetite on the new album "In Whole".


01. In Whole (Original Mix)
02. Show Me Your City
03. In Whole (Noir Frais Remix)
04. In Whole (Tenek Remix)
05. In Whole (Bacteria Remix)
06. In Whole (Qualiass Stomp Remix)
Translator: morrigan
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