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13th Monkey

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13th Monkey
13th Monkey

13th Monkey
13th Monkey

Niemcy / Germany

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
industrial, Rhythmic Noise, techno


Band members:

Andreas "Thedi" Thedens
Harm Bremer


13th Monkey is the 100% club compatible Techno-Industrial project of the two sound artists and producers Andreas "Thedi"Thedens and Harm Bremer.
While the roots of this project can be found in the quiet and friendly city of Lüneburg, the records and the countless live shows demonstrate that there is more than simply calm, beautiful landscapes and curly black haired sheep.

Times are getting harder!
We get the sound that we deserve:
As the matrix around us collapses,
a pervading white noise summons us back to reality.

Moments when reality and desire collide
and surfaces begin to crackle.
Messages from a cold world,
whose inhabitants no longer live but operate.

A rebellion is occuring in the wires
driving the processor cores past maximum
and decoding sonic sedatives.
Weapons targeting the organ of Corti.

The singing and dancing scum of the earth
is pleased by their high on deafness
and resemble the infected in their paleness:

Destroy the norm with hyperacusis.
Systemcrash without remorse.
…Redefining The Paradigm Of Bang…