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32Crash band


Belgia / Belgium

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
ebm, electro, industrial


Band members:

Jean-luc de Meyer
Len Lemeire
Jan D'Hooghe


Excerpts from The State of the World, year 2112

Long-lasting complex machineries develop a sense of self-awareness. Millions of protesters worldwide violently oppose the presence of refugeed aliens on earth. The audiences’ musical tastes turn to the purity & roughness of natural/cosmic sounds. Reality often fails to match the promises made to the space settlers. Individuals accidentally entering time doors disappear to be thrown in the future/past. Gurus and prophets of all kinds deplore the fall of mankind’s conscience. A monthly meditation about ‘the ideal planet’ is mandatory in most of the countries on earth. Shifts of paradigms and quantum leaps make life feel more intense… and dangerous. The advanced nomad alien race Ol-Lesar destroy the planet ZX4 on feb 14, leaving no human survivor. ZX4’s settlers knew they couldn’t survive the Ol-Lessar attack. The systemical post mortem use of chemical components of the human body becomes legal in France. The chase of illegal human look-alike robots intensifies. Machines are totally reliable, non sensitive to circumstances, and work 24h a day. Kenzi Artigues (Brazil) wins the Nobel Prize on developing Ilya Prigogine’s theories. Pocket laser tools are the top-selling manufactured goods on earth. The Ol-Lesar sends a 24h notice before attacking ZX4. Beings from a parallel universe discretely enter and plunder our dimension at will. The secret of invisibility is stolen during an international highly protected top-secret meeting. Vast areas are regularly subject to toxic rains causing the vegetation to perish. Telepathic Guides’ higher intuition is an unmatched source of information about aliens.