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Digital Factor

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Digital Factor
Mike Langer, Guido Litke, Torsten Heise f.l.t.r.

Digital Factor
Digital Factor

Germany / Niemcy

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
ebm, industrial


Band members:

Torsten Heise (synth/voc)
Mike Langer (synth/voc)
Guido Litke (guit/dr)


DIGITAL FACTOR is one of the most popular German EBM scene representatives. The band came to life in 1993, a year after they sign a contract with the Dannish HARD RECORDS label. Thanks to HARD RECORDS, the first band's album entitled "Falling Down" came to light. The album reached an enormous applause which has been reflected in many alternative European charts. In 1995, the group signed another contract, this time with HYPNOBEAT label and released its five forthcoming albums throughout four years of hard work. In 1999, Digital Factor recorded its last album and took a longer brake due to Tino Schmitt, who decided to left the band. Polish fans of Digital Factor had an opportunity to admire them on the stage during the second edition of Black Flames Festival on 6th March, 2005 in Poznan, Poland. The audience gave them a royal welcome and forced guys to give an encore. After a seven years of silence with a new guitarist, Guido Litke, on the board, they released a new album. "One More Piece" which blends classic EBM elements together with electro-clash parts was released at Wannsee Records/edel. You will find some snippets from the album on the official band website. Digital Factor played concerts with such celebrities of the alternative scene as CAT RAPES DOG, ALPHAVILLE, EVIL'S TOY or SWAMP TERRORIST. The members are also known for remixes made for other musicans, e.g. LIGHTS OF EUPHORIA or NIKA PAGE (BLIND PASSENGERS' member).