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A Life Divided

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A Life Divided
A Life Divided

A Life Divided
A Life Divided

Niemcy / Germany

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
electro, electronic, Gothic, Gothic Rock, industrial metal


Band members:

Jürgen Plangger - vocals
Korl Fuhrmann - drumms
Tobi Egger - bass
Tony Berger - guitar

Ex members:
Erik Damköhler
Mike Hofstätter


German electro-rockers A Life Divided literally spit out one hit single after another.
The Munich based band had an overall success with their catchy electro-rock songs. Festival shows Mera Luna and Amphi Festival made them shooting stars in the alternative music scene within only one summer.

With their new album "Human", they not only unleash 13 new songs, each with the definite potential to become a hit single, but also a brutally honest journey to the core of the human being.
"It is like a critical look in the mirror", frontman Jürgen Plangger explains. "Maybe you don’t always like what you see, but in the end you gotta live with it." The singer got his inspirations for the album lyrics not only from personal experiences, but also from looking deeper at the subject of self-reflection and the dilemma of his generation. 
“We live in a time that gives us the impression that we always have to strive for something more, something better. It’s like an obstacle course which is impossible to win. Accepting imperfection might be the key to happiness.”