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Lord Of The Lost

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Lord Of The Lost
Chris Harms at M'era Luna 2016

Lord Of The Lost
Lord of the Lost at M'era Luna 2016

Niemcy / Germany

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
dark rock, glam rock, Gothic Metal, Gothic Rock, symphonic metal


Band members:

Chris Harms: Vocals, Guitar, Cello
π: Guitar
Class Grenayde: Bass
Gared Dirge: Piano, Synthesizer, Percussion, Guitar
Tobias Mertens: Drums, Guitar


Chris "The Lord" Harms follows his predestined path to create something beautiful and beguiling, a new musical platform for dark and emotive rock. In Lord Of The Lost he brings to life his own visions, to breathe fresh life into gothic rock.

The show at the second Gothic Meets Klassik Festival has most definitely been one of the biggest highlights in the career of dark-metal-band Lord Of The Lost. The massive sound of a real orchestra provided the group's songs with such a massive surge of new emotions and sonic prowess that everyone attending the show, including Chris Harms and his lads, was swept away and gifted with one of the most intense concert experiences in a long time.
It is needless to say that Lord Of The Lost instantly became obsessed with the idea of recording an entire release full of orchestral acoustic versions, to create something lasting out of this once-in-a-lifetime experience. "Swan Song" is the result of this labor of love and contains 8 completely new symphonic songs that the band conceived and recorded only for this release, as well as 13 classic tunes that were re-arranged for orchestra.

On their acoustic tour with an 11-piece chamber ensemble, the versatile Gothic-Metal-powerhouse Lord Of The Lost revealed an altogether new side. "A Night To Remember" captures the show in the sold-out Markthalle in Hamburg on DVD and 2 CDs.
Lord Of The Lost's acoustic tour in early 2015 was celebrated by audiences and press alike, but the sold-out  gig in their home city was a superlative even by those standards. With the album "Swan Songs", the band had successfully conquered new frontiers: classic Lord Of The Lost tunes and songs written especially for the project had been treated with symphonic arrangements and were performed live with an expanded ensemble of 11 musicians, featuring classical performers from different countries. The Hamburg show was recorded with 6 HD-cameras and multi-track-audio, which was the basis for the concert film "A Night To Remember" which effectively transports the atmosphere of the album into your own four walls. The sound mix was optimized for audiophile ears at the Chameleon Studios in Hamburg and is also included audio-only on 2 CDs in this classy DVD+2CD-set.

On their new single "The Love Of God", Lord Of The Lost sport a deliciously matured version of themselves. The Hamburg-based group takes the listener on a no-nonsense trip into a dark vision of the future. Cutting synthesizer sirens howl in a duet with unleashed primal guitar noise – without any prior warning, the new single from Lord Of The Lost catapults you into the apocalyptic future of the upcoming album "Empyrean." What follows is dark and dirty Metal-anthem that conjures up the smell of rain, rust and oil and that marks the beginning of an epic space odyssey in search for a new hope for humanity. Lord Of The Lost have carefully evolved into an even more dangerous beast that is harder and more raw, yet at the same time larger, more cinematic and menacing. The limited Maxi-CD also contains the title track in a piano and a wild instrumental version, plus the exclusive b-side song "Another Sunny Day In Paradise". The whole thing is then topped-off with a German-language re-interpretation of the Lord Of The Lost classic "Blood For Blood" by the shooting stars Erdling.

With "Empyrean", Lord Of The Lost have created a dystopian Future-Metal-concept album of epic proportions. The new release takes the listener on a captivating science-fiction-odyssey, driven by a furious mix of Gothic Metal, Glam, Electro, Prog and Industrial. After centuries of gradual self-destruction, humanity embarks on a quest for "Empyrean", a supposedly perfect world that promises hope for deliverance. With their new space trip, Lord Of The Lost have created their most diverse and ambitious album to date. The group's trademark sound of hard Metal-attacks in a perpetual struggle with darkly melodic parts and a keen hand for catchy melodies remains intact but is enhanced by a dominant electronic foundation. Added to the mix are epic choruses in the style of the golden age of Glam Rock, a gripping duet with newcomer Scarlet Dorn in "Black Oxide". The monumental Dark-Metal-space-opera was given an equally massive sound in renowned Chameleon Studios.