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Mono Inc.

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Mono Inc.
Mono Inc.

Mono Inc.
Mono Inc.

Niemcy / Germany

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
Gothic, Gothic Rock


Band members:

Carl Fornia
Katha Mia
Manuel Antoni
Martin Engler


Mono Inc. rose from the ashes of several band projects, the frustrations of being forced into unwelcome directions by major record labels and the fervent wish to make uncompromising music. Founder members were Martin Engler, mastermind and songwriter, Carl Fornia and Miky Mono.

In 2003 Manuel Antoni joined the band on bass guitar and also as a sound designer. It was made clear from the start that Mono Inc. would never sell their souls for a major record label deal and they decided to sign with the independent label NoCut. Their debut album "Head Under Water" was released in 2004 and was critically acclaimed as a new sound called ‘Monorock’. Two singles from the album made appearances in the most important German trend charts for rock, metal and gothic music such as DAC, MRC30 and Native25. The release was followed by extensive touring throughout Germany and Europe.

At the end of 2006, as the band gathered in the studio to prepare the material for the 2nd album, they were witness to a totally unexpected event: the break-up between the band and their frontman; after endless discussions and the odd flying instrument the tensions between Martin and Miky had run so high that the band asked Miky to leave and decreed that Martin should take over the microphone. Strangely this was not a spectacular change in sound for the band, as they were so used to Martin’s voice from his many demos, and he has been lead vocalist ever since. The free seat behind the drums was soon occupied by Katha Mia, probably Germany’s best-looking female drummer.

Martin and Katha first met backstage at a Depeche Mode concert in Aarhus, Denmark, in the summer of 2006. Katha knew of Mono Inc. and half-jokingly offered her percussive services in the event of Martin ever breaking a hand during the drum solo. He remembered this kind, misguided offer and decided to take a chance and invite her to the studio. On that fateful day the band was immediately, jaw-droppingly impressed by this sweet, enchanting beauty who sat behind the drumkit and packed such an unbelievable punch. The decision to grab her was made in seconds. With this exciting new line-up complete, the band plays to today.