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Eisbrecher at M'era Luna 2016

Eisbrecher at M'era Luna 2016

Niemcy / Germany

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
industrial, industrial metal


Band members:

Alexx Wesselsky - composition, vocal
Noel Pix - programming, guitars, backing vocals, composition, production
Jürgen Plangger - guitars
Achim Färber - drums
Rupert Keplinger - bass


Eisbrecher is a German industrial band that consists primarily of Alexx Wesselsky and Noel Pix. Their style belongs to the so called Neue Deutsche Härte sub-genre.

After leaving Megaherz due to creative differences in 2003, Alexx Wesselsky got together with Noel Pix, with who he composed the synths and programming for Megaherz's albums "Himmelfahrt" and "Kopfschuss". Eisbrecher is the brainchild of the two combining their musical ideas, concepts, and the like.

The band's name in translation from German means "Icebreaker". The band's lyrics and slogans often include terms of ice and sailing, such as "Ahoi" and "Es wird kalt".
The band's frontman, Alexx Wesselsky, often wears sailor's and military clothing in performances.

The band has released debut album "Eisbrecher" in 2004. New album called "Antikörper" was released in 2006. While the self-titled debut album of Eisbrecher has more of an EBM and electronic sound, its successive release, "Antikörper", has a far heavier, metallic style.

However, the band remains true to its roots, and the similarity between albums is not entirely unrecognisable, ensuring the group's identity remains firmly attached to the industrial metal genre.