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Sui Generis Umbra

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Sui Generis Umbra
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Sui Generis Umbra
Sui Generis Umbra

Polska / Poland

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
dark ambient, darkwave, psychedelic


Band members:

eLL (voc, lyrics)
maciej (voc, music programming)


Words that create the name SUI GENERIS UMBRA are of Latin origin and mean ‘phantom which is different from everybody and everything' – where ‘phantom’ stands for something that you think exists, but that is not real... There is no so-called history of the band or rather the energy... –you will find Sui Generis Umbra having almost no features of a regular band. As eLL claims, it exists somewhere in the space since ever. eLL and Matthias, the second member of the band, are mere souls who simply try to render the Energy (that they called Sui Generis Umbra) audible. The whole story started thanks to the Lady. “I had explicit vision of the atmosphere that was to be created- I knew exactly what I wanted to hear... It is unutterable fortune I met Matthias then. Not only was he eager to offer his help but also he did get Sui Generis Umbra's meaning.” – explains eLL in an interview for “ULTIMA COMPARATIO', a magazine from USA. Previously, 5 years ago, eLL belonged to death noise industrial band D.ZONE that acted only underground. Matthias was also a member of a gothic band Artrosis. “Oversimplifying things, Matthias is responsible for technical problems and "developing" our music ideas whereas I am for the whole atmosphere. He takes care of body, me of soul.” – ads the vocalist. eLL and Matthias decided that their music way to fans’ will be a bit different from other debuting bands. They focused mainly on feeling and emotions as the essence of art, not concentrating so much on the technique. Their start at the music scene was also not typical. Directly, without presenting any demos Sui Generis Umbra (yet it should be mentioned that the band acted then under the name Umbra) recorded and then released the whole material called “Ater" on Fluttering Dragon Records, an underground label from Warsaw. “Ater” was their first album title and is a mixture of ambient elements which try to conquer your minds and stir emotions. “Ater", quite often compared to Norwegian project of two witches AGHAST, is not an easy thing, for the simple reason that it seems to be a very introspective journey through very personal sensations and emotions and so very close to your own essences. Dark and gloomy mood, sometimes frightening to death.... eLL’s incredible voice guides you during this unholy journey. Then Sui Generis Umbra got into collaboration with Norwegian band Ildfrost (originating from cult label Cold Meat Industry). The result of this ‘meeting is a split titled “Possum Play Falcon”, also released on Fluttering Dragon Rec. Simultaneously they took part in compilation "Temple Of Kilowatts" where many talented ambient bands featured with their tracks they specially composed for the event. Sui Generis Umbra was the only one that represented the Polish scene.
In September 2002 the band signed a deal with Metal Mind Prod – the biggest Polish stable concerning extreme music. It is the boss’s secret why he decided to take such strange creature under his label’s wings as it does stand out completely from the other bands involved in MMP. Actually Sui Generis Umbra is the first horde on the label that performs such kind of music. Time will show what will follow the collaboration. Nevertheless, all lies with Sui Generis Umbra.
In November their second album titled “Coma” was released. So far it has gained incredibly enthusiastic reviews. Most often mentioned thing is that the album is a real masterpiece of its genre and that is absolutely incomparable to any bands a reviewer has ever listened to. Well......., it’s high time you checked if the reviewers are right as they say the same about their latest album “Amok” (June 2004)…