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Blind Passengers

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Blind Passengers
Blind Passengers on Nocturnal Culture Night 2011

Blind Passengers
Blind Passengers on M'era Luna 2011

Niemcy / Germany

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
ebm, industrial, industrial metal, synthpop


Band members:

Rayner Schimer
Nik Page 


The Blind Passengers grew up in the non-allied sector of Germany, behind the iron curtain.Two years after the fall of the wall they released their first album "The Glamour Of Darkness". Now the Blind Passengers are one of the most well-known industrial-metal bands in Germany. The last four years the Blind Passengers took part in more than 70 big european rock festivals (such as Rock am Ring, Rock im Park, Wacken-Open Air, Arvika-Festivalen, Zillo-Open Air, Dynamo - North Power Jam, Go Bang and much more) and played on one stage with David Bowie, The Prodigy, Sisters Of Mercy, Type O Negative, Dog Eat Dog, Front 242, Skunk Anansie, Clawfinger and many more.Growing up behind the Iron Curtain, in a suburb of East Berlin, amidst the haze of a Marxist-Leninist education, Nik Page discovered his purpose in life, relatively late. Along this path, meeting Rayner Schirner was a key experience. At age 13, Schirner was transferred to Page´s class at school, where three years later, he planted the idea in Page´s head to start the electric rock group Blind Passengers, together. "Blind Passengers symbolizes the modern society zombies, who prefer to close their eyes and ears, in order to comfortably and smoothly swim along, with everyone else in the river of society, never painfully bumping into anything along the way, trained by the fear of seeing their own blood," according to Page.