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Steffen and Thomas

After 15 years, the musicians can be proud of themselves

Niemcy / Germany

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
electronic, synthpop


Band members:

Steffen Keth
Thomas Adam


Since they got together in July 1988, DE/VISION can look back on a remarkable career and a similarly remarkable musical development. Early on, the band that originally revelled in the synth pop genre got their chance to support top-class acts like Psyche, Die Krupps and Camouflage and worked with producers like Axel Henninger and José Alvarez-Brill. Having sounded out the conventions and possibilities of the electro pop department thoroughly with their three independent albums "World Without End" (1994), "Unversed In Love" (1995) and "Fairyland" (1996), Markus, Steffen and Thomas successfully transferred to the major league. Their celebrated 1998 release, "Monosex", much more experimental and multi-layered with its combination of string and guitar sounds, came out on WEA. The following year, however, DE/VISION may have gone a little too far in their experimentalism with "Void". Not only were the fans in two minds about the group's development, there were also differences within the trio about their further line of approach. While vocalist/composer Steffen and songwriter Thomas soon agreed on the group's future direction, Markus left the fold to work on his own musical ambitions henceforth.
Thomas and Steffen found a new label in Drakkar, who allowed them to work more independently, yet comfortably thanks to their cooperation with a major imprint. 2001 saw the arrival of their next album, plainly entitled "Two", the first delicious fruit produced by the duo. It soon became apparent that DE/VISION had returned to their good old virtues of complex songwriting without having lost their hunger for new sounds. Now Steffen and Thomas are presenting "Devolution", a consistent development of their familiar direction