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Die Krupps

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Die Krupps
Die Krupps

Die Krupps
Die Krupps at M'era Luna 2016

Niemcy / Germany

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
ebm, industrial, industrial metal


Band members:

Juergen Engler - vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass, steel percussion, programming
Ralf Doerper - samples
Marcel Zuercher - guitars

Past members:
Chris Lietz


During many years of their work, musicians of Die Krupps achieved a meaningful range of a band.

In 2015 Die Krupps return to their distinct guitar orientated sound with the release of "V – Metal Machine Music". With the new songs the degree of hardness will even be raised considerably! Stylistic of this album closes the circle even though Die Krupps never wove extreme brute guitar and hardest sequencer sounds to such an extent before. This will especially become noticeable during the live shows. Beside the two Krupps machinists Ralf Dörper (synthesizer) and Marcel Zürcher (guitar), Volker Borchert ofAccu§er (drums) and Nils Finkeisen (guitar) will complete the line-up.

Die Krupps are pioneers of Electronic and Industrial music, bands like Front 242 and Nitzer Ebb called them their inspiration, and their musical ideas found their way into the sound of a wide spectrum of music, from Depeche Mode to the innovative pioneers of Detroit Techno. Over 30 years and many internationally successful albums, Die Krupps have developed an unmistakable signature sound that is meant to stay. Bandmaster Jürgen Engler is a visionary musician who since decades strongly influences the German music scene. During the 80's he founded Die Krupps together with his congenial partner Ralf Dörpner who is also responsible for many of the lyrics and became the driving force of the Industrial and EBM scene. 2005 marked the 25th anniversary of the band. 90 minutes live show, including songs from every creative period. On the right side of the stage the stooical-cool frowning guitarist Marcel Zürcher, Keyborader Dörper as usual acting in the background, Bradley Bills on the drums and Jürgen Engler, who seems not growing any older at all.

In 1981 the Düsseldorf band Die Krupps (Jürgen Engler, Bernward Malaka, Ralf Dörper) released a seminal album which wrote its own chapter in the history of music: the "Stahlwerksinfonie" (Steelworks Symphony) was a near thirty-minute musical monolith of metal and guitar sounds with scattergun saxophone and shouts, held together by a monotonic bass line and stoic beat. The "Stahlwerksinfonie" proved a worldwide sensation, a nucleus of EBM and industrial rock.Die Krupps mastermind Jürgen Engler was as yet unfamiliar with the output of his purported antescedents.

35 years later, a new version is upon us: the "Stahlwerkrequiem", recorded with Engler's kindred spirits Mani Neumeier (Guru Guru), Jean-Hervé Peron and Zappi Diermaier (Faust), Pyrolator (Der Plan) and US postrock musician Scott Telles.