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Niemcy / Germany

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
electronic, new wave, synthpop


Band members:

Oliver Kreyssig
Heiko Maile
Marcus Meyn


Heiko Maile, Oliver Kreyssig and Marcus Meyn started their musical journey in 1983, giving their fans music that was driving, demanding and so beautifully sad in its invitation to lose oneself in eternity while dancing. The band found success on both sides of the Atlantic with their debut album "Voices & Images". The follow-up "Methods of Silence" docked seamlessly onto this momentum, and with the single "Love Is A Shield" they created a gem of a hit that still graces dance floors and radio stations worldwide.

In the nineties they played with styles and producers and experimented.

In 2003 Camouflage released "Sensor", a dark and punchy work demonstrating that they had not slept through the eras, but could still prove their relevance in the new millennium with their sound and their songs. In 2006 followed the album "Relocated".

In 2015 record label Bureau B decided to release a very limited single "Shine", featuring the very strong track from forthcoming Camouflage’s album, in three exclusive versions. This is about something that affects us all. The positive message of the song and the singer's desire for change reaches the listener immediately. Because: It's the easiest thing in the world to complain about things – and the damned hardest thing to simply smile at someone. Nothing less than the dissolution of the rigid daily pattern is required here. It's not easy to phrase it so bluntly. It requires a song with at least the impact of "Shine". Here are the arguments: A straight machine beat that no dance floor in the world should fear, a powerful bass, a choir, cellos and violins from Babelsberg Film Orchestra. And above it all is the yearning voice of Marcus Meyn, which spans beautiful melodies, culminating in a chorus.

It is no surprise that Camouflage comes back in 2015 with their 8th release "Greyscale" – a strikingly current and compelling album, both musically and lyrically. The music on "Greyscale" sounds expansive and atmospheric, yet is simultaneously compelling and tight. Once again responsible for the production is Heiko Maile. Stylistically confident, he contrasts electronic elements, guitars, sonic experimentation and beats with acoustic instruments, such as the string ensemble of the Babelsberg Film Orchestra.
The record sounds modern, yet Camouflage always maintain the connection to their own original sound, for which they became famous. The beats and basses, synth arpeggios and pads all reveal their unmistakable fingerprint, equally as characteristic as the touchingly poignant voice of singer Marcus Meyn.