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Mesh - Amphi Festival 2014

Mesh - Amphi Festival 2014

Wielka Brytania / United Kingdom

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
electronic, synthpop


Band members:

Mark Hockings - vocals, guitars, keyboards, programming, lyrics 
Richard Silverthorn  - keyboards, programming

Live support
Sean Suleman - drumms
Richard Broadhead - keyboards


Mesh were founded in 1991, when by chance, Mark Hockings met Richard Silverton, who wanted to add to their sound, asked Neil Taylor to join the band, and that is moreover how Mesh was born.

Mesh program, record and mix their music, releasing material in own label Tolerance. Their first EP, "Fragile" (1994) helps the band to finally break through onto the music scene. Shortly afterward, Mesh re-releases "Fragile" (1995). One year later Mesh returns with their first full length album, "In This Place Forever". Off of the album came their first single "You Didn t Want Me", which became a timeless club hit. An extended version of the "Fragile" EP is released in 1997 along with "Fragile-The Mixes", and the "You Didn't Want Me" single. Apart from the album and several singles, Mesh appears on countless compilations.

Mesh's second album, "The Point At Which It Falls Apart", is released in 1999, and re-released in 2000. The album combines synth-pop with a tinge of electro to make an outstanding sound. Deep and somewhat emotional lyrics add to the sensitivity of the album's title, and made "The Point At Which It Falls Apart" the place it all came together.

In 2006, the band finds themselves in new territories with their third album, "A Perfect Solution". Shortly afterwards Neil Taylor leaves the band.

Three years after Mesh releases highly acclaimed "We Collide". After releasing the limited edition single for "Only Better", Mesh follows it up with a tour and a brand new album. Mesh conveys the downturn of relationships from break-ups to reconciliation to the death of love. While the subject matter is very emotional, "A Perfect Solution" is rather uplifting and helps prove that no matter what happens life goes on. Featuring top notch production the album is an incredible listening experience. A second single, "How Long", is released in 2010.

In 2011 comes out "An Alternative Solution" album, two years later "Automation Baby" with two singles "Born to Lie" and "Adjust Your Set".
Latest single is "Infra-Dusk / Infra-Dawn" released in 2015.