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Anne Clark

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Anne Clark
Anne Clark

Anne Clark
Anne Clark

Anglia / United Kingdom

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
electronic, new wave


Band members:

Anne Clark: vocals
Murat Parlak: piano, vocals
Jeff Aug: guitar
Jann Michael Engel: cello
Steve Schroyder: electronics, programming
Tobias Haas: drums


Anne Clark (born Croydon, London, United Kingdom, 14 May 1960) is an English poet and songwriter. Her first recording was "The Sitting Room" in 1982, and she has released about a dozen albums since then. Her experimental music occupies a region bounded roughly by electronic, electro-wave, electro-pop, ebm, dark dance, electro-goth as well as orchestral and avant-garde genres, like noise. Clark is mainly a spoken word artist, but she also plays piano and occasionally accompanies herself, with piano and voice mixing in a somewhat atypical new wave style. Many of her lyrics deal critically with the imperfections of humanity, everyday life, and politics. Especially in her early works she has created a gloomy, melancholy kind of atmosphere bordering on weltschmerz.