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Ciryam band

Ciryam band

Polska / Poland

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
Gothic, Gothic Metal, Gothic Rock, progressive rock


Band members:

vocal - Monika ( Midiam) Węgrzyn
guitar - Robert ( Morfeusz -Morfina ) Węgrzyn
guitar – Kuba (Kubek) Czubik 
drums- Mateusz ( Nietoperz ) Krupiński
violin - Agata ( Żyleta ) Żylińska
bass - Dariusz ( Matz ) Mac


The band's initiation and first rehearsals took place in the latter half of 1999 in a town called Jedlicze. The founder was Robert Węgrzyn (guitar). At first, the lineup was pretty liquid, and turned more solid only in 2001. Since then ARDOR is considered officially operational. In June 2002, a shift in the group - notable personnel changes take place. 

The new lineup is seven people. The music changes as well. It is a more aggressive and dynamic gothic metal. The band receives a lot of positive feedback from the scene - both through Polish and foreign labels and magazines: Metal Hammer, Thrashem'all, Pagan Records, Mystic Productions, Metal Blade Records and independent zines. ARDOR claims its position on the alternative scene, releasing another - more mature - record. In October 2002, they record their second demo called "... the prayer" at HERTZ studios in Białystok. The demo is promoted via club concerts, visits to local radios and presspacks sent here and there. First major business proposals are made... In April 2003, another lineup change, but the core prevails. Another significant change: ARDOR changes its name into C I R Y A M (pronounced keer-yam).

And so... the band prepares to record its first official album. In August 2003, they sign a contract for 2 albums with the art-rock ARS MUNDI label from Warsaw (working with Armia, Quidam, Lizard, Mordor and Amarok). The same month sees the members enter LYNX MUSIC studios in Kraków, where they record the material for their debut release. The album hits the stores on the 7th June 2004. "szepty dusz", as this is the title of the album, is an art-rock attempt revolving around prog-rock, without forsaking its metal roots and gothic fascinations.
2004 and 2005 brings an intense concert and media schedule - the band makes new friends and gains new experience. August 2005 - LYNX MUSIC studios become the band's home again, where they work on their second album. September brings a videoclip to one of the songs that are to promote this release.

April 2006 - the band signs a deal with TC MUSIC / METAL MIND PRODUCTIONS concerning the recording, release and promotion of the upcoming CIRYAM albums.