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Artrosis - Logo

Medeah & Niedzielski

Polska / Poland

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
Gothic Metal


Band members:

Medeah – vocal, keyboard
Maciej Niedzielski - keyboard
Janusz Jastrzębowski – drums
Grzegorz „Gregor” Piotrowski – gitar
Aleksandra Tylińska - management

past members and session musicians:

Artur Tabor
– guitar
Krystian „MacKozer” Kozerawski – guitar
Remigiusz „Remo” Mielczarek – bass
Łukasz „Migdał” Migdalski – keyboard
Konrad „Lombardo” Biczak – drums
Rafał „Grunthell” Grunt – guitar
Marcin Pendowski – bass
Krzysztof „Chris” Białas - guitar
Paweł Słoniowski - bass
Iga Stupkiewicz - vocal
Zbigniew "Inferno" Promiński - drums
Artut Domini - djembe, tabla
Małgorzata Kogut - violins
Magdalena Stelmaszczyk - violins
Piotr "Gruby" Milczarek - bass
Paweł "Świcol" Świca - drums
Mariusz "Mario" Kuszewski - guitar


Artrosis was formed in March '95 in Zielona Góra. The idea was born in the heads of two lead guitarists which, on the spur of the moment, decided to form a band. The beginning of the band was rather chaotic. Many people came and went and now Medeah is the only surviving founding member.

Originally the metal character of the band was reflected in the name Arthrosis, which for medics meant only joint degeneration. The young musicians started rehearsals in their hometown's house of culture. Music was often created spontaneously- in pubs during meetings or on bus journeys where- according to the legend - Magda composed most of her lyrics.

After the initial stormy times the identity of the band crystallized. Vocalist, tired with lots of monotonous and fruitless rehearsals had convinced her colleagues to accept Maciej Niedzielski, which appeared to be a hit. Although heavy roots, the sound was slowly infiltrated with gothic accents - dark keyboards and mystic voice of Medeah.

"Lisa", inspired by the person of Lisa Gerrard, is considered to be their first original song. Under the new name - Artrosis, translated as The Art of Roses, they released their first demo: "Seventh sigil". With the same line up, one year after their scenical debut on Castle Party Festival in Grodziec, band releases first LP "Hidden dimension". Soon, thanks to Tilo Wolff from Lacrimosa, its english translation was released abroad, and the band recorded new LP "In the name of the night".

Last year of previous century was full of success. Their performance during the Metalmania Festival expanded their circle of fans. Artrosis signed a contract with the Metal Mind label and new material was released. "Among flowers and shadows" finally defined the gothic tone of the band. Captivating vocals and stirring lyrics brought life to beautiful ballads as well as to more darker and heavier compositions.

Medeah's amazing voice was exploited - thanks to that the whole album gained oneiric undertone and its title. "I now give away flowers and shadows" is a sentence remebered from a dream by the vocalist. That's why the album is almost conceptual and oscillates around themes of dreams and what happens to a man when he falls asleep.

First year of new millenium brought us the live album "Concerti in studio 3" ("3" is a popular polish radio station), english "In Nomine Noctis", some reissues and the studio album "Fetish", which changed the band's direction and was breakthrough in Artrosis' compositions. Very electronic rhtythm section, loops, distortions, wierd sounds and fascinating experiments with vocals aroused big emotions among fans. This publication soon got the Fryderyk Award nomination. Their fifth LP "Melange" is musical continuation of the previous album. Dominated with electronics, it displaces classical rock-metal elements. However the band still performs lots of concerts around Poland and at gothic music festivals.

Some relevant personnel changes occur- Pendowski and Grunta leave the band, and in 2004 Niedzielski- one of the pillars of the group – also left. Along with new keyboard player "Migdał" ("Almond") and new drummer- Biczak. Artrosis releases a new album "Con Trust".

Towards the end of 2010, because of the huge creative differences, the band loses members again- they form their new bad- Electric Chair. Medeah makes an offical statement, which keeps the band alive, end ensures that the band will follow the music path they have chosen before.

Eventually, after seven years, Maciej Niedzielski comes back-a man responsible, next to Magda, for the band's unique style. Their new album "Imago" is a throwback to dark electronics, drum machine and psychedelic anxiety, thou never loosing those milder, gothic accents.