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Batalion D'Amour

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Batalion D'Amour
Batalion D'Amour

Batalion D'Amour
Batalion D'Amour

Polska / Poland

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
Gothic, Gothic Metal, Gothic Rock


Band members:

Karolina Andrzejewska – Wocal
Piotr Grzesik – Bass, Wocal
Robert Kolud – Guitar
Mariusz "Pajdo" Pająk – Drums
Bartek Tabak - Rhythm guitar
Mirosław Zając - Keyboards, Programming


Batalion d'Amour is a Polish rock band formed in 1989 in Skoczów. Since the beginning the group was inspired by gothic rock and dark wave, which found the reflection in their music and soon after made them one of the most recognizable gothic rock bands in Poland. Throughout their musical activity Batalion d’Amour looked for inspiration in various stylistic elements, including rock-metal and progressive rock, mainly due to the contribution of different musicians forming the line-up over years.

The album “Niya” from 2005 met with positive reaction among fans, successful tour and good reviews in rock magazines. It was one of best rated albums in Teraz Rock Magazine in the 1st half of the year 2006.

Batalion d'Amour played many concerts in Poland as well as abroad and they are frequent guests at the Castle Party Festival in Bolków.

Batalion d'Amour also appeared on the album 'Tribute to Closterkeller' with their version of the song "Ziemia obiecana".

The new album released in 2016 by the German label Echozone was distributed worldwide as well as promoted in Europe.