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CLICKS live!

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On 24th June 2011 Clicks, a very promising electro project of Wojciech 'kr-lik' Król from Łódź, took Wrocław-located club Das Lokal by strom, ruthlessly treating its audience to an outstandingly electronic sound, enriched with extremely catchy melodies of rather high addictive level.
The band presented a range of well-choosen compositions, among which a multitude of new pieces occured, introducing an air of freshness to the existing, ho-hum state of Polish electro scene. Deprived of excessively sublime sound baroquisation, properly-balanced tracks, strengthened with clear, incessantly reverbating beats, were constantly setting in motion even most resistant representatives of the audience. Truly enthralling tunes quickly filled up every nook and cranny of the club, while subsequent trakcs - starting from introductory, rather distrubing a piece - yet marking the highest quality of sound - 'Just', through inconcievably appealing 'This Is Jeopardy' or - having every chance of becoming a club hit - 'A New Way' - were successfully narcotizing the gathered, lusting after another dose of electryfing amagalms of sounds. A peculiarly party-mood, weaved by a sonic thread of compositions having a very party-inducing tinge, were intermingling with one another, provoking pleasurable states of utter relaxation, positively disposing towards and preparing the audience for a further celebration of the Friday night. Genuinely intense, exemplarily electronic sound was additionally reinforced by the drums, rendering the preformance even more dynamic. That tumult was unceasingly on the increase by means of the following pieces - 'Clickass', 'Marilyn Monore' and 'Again and Again' - which may by all means aspire to the title of enciclopedic exemples of tracks that guarantee involuntary, uncontrolled moves of the limbs of everyone who was lucky anough as to bail from that almost bottomless sound well of Clicks. The ending of that strongly animating melange of burring sounds and vivid electronica, attenuating by gracious melodics, was a track named 'Happy', after which the synthetic turmoil gave place to an illusive silence, tiresome, dull and predictable. Fortunately, that state of a temporary lethargy was soon cut short by kr-lik and TomTylor, whose sets managed to breathe new life into the fans of original tunes, temporarily immersed in somewhat a stillness.
The concert of Clicks made that Friday night take a proper, absolutely party-like direction, leaving the club topsy-turvy and the people desirous of another helping of consolidated sonic mayhem. The music, with which the band was literally ordering the audience around, the music that is a far cry from standard, secondary musical solutions that we have been accustomed to by Polish electro scene, has considerable potential, yet still a way underrated in Poland. This fact, however, does not prevent the group from the remorseless riving of the silence, oversaturating the air and devastating human minds with shockingly electronic sounds, against all principles, rules or Your very own will.

This Is Jeopardy
You're Here To Stay
A New Way
This Is The Place
Marilyn Monroe
Again and Again
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