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Closterkeller invites to Abracadabra Gothic Tour to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the band. The team says it will be a very memorable edition.
The tour is scheduled for hits and meeting old and new fans of the queen. The set list will include songs from the older CDs, not played for a long time, but there will also be those from Aurum and Bordeaux. There will be no support this time, the group will present a more complex arrangement of the scene this time.

Abracadabra Gothic Tour:

11.10.2012 Łódź
12.10.2012 Kalisz
13.10.2012 Nowa Sól
14.10.2012 Szczecin
15.10.2012 Poznań
19.10.2012 Olsztyn
20.12.2012 Elbląg
21.12.2012 Działdowo
26.10.2012 Lublin
27.10.2012 Sandomierz
28.10.2012 Ryki
01.11.2012 Włocławek
02.11.2012 Gdynia
03.11.2012 Kwidzyń
04.11.2012 Toruń
08.11.2012 Kraków
09.11.2012 Katowice
10.11.2012 Bielsko Biała
11.11.2012 Rzeszów
13.11.2012 Warszawa
16 11 2012 Grudziądz
18 11 2012 Bydgoszcz
22 11 2012 Mikołów
23.11.2012 Częstochowa
25 11 2012 Opole
29.11.2012 Wrocław
30.11.2012 Jelenia Góra
01.12.2012 Żagań
02.12.2012 Zielona Góra
07.12.2012 Suwałki
08.12.2012 Białystok

All information on clubs, ticket prices, and planned attractions can be found on page - page will be updated on an ongoing basis.
From September 7, tickets for all concerts can be purchased through Ticketpro.
Author: Closter
Translator: Closter
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Writen at: 2012-10-28 20:15:20
poprawka: Wrocław 29.11, czwartek, Firlej :) czyli wszystko się zgadza