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New face of Anja Orthodox!


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Anja Orthodox – black lady of Polish music scene, face and amazing voice of the cult group  Closterkeller – will show completely new side soon. Universal Music Polska proudly inform that they just signed a deal for releasing Anja’s first solo album. Although idea of solo recordings from Anja is not new, its realization was postponed because of continuously intense activity in Closterkeller band and other various projects.
At last, after long persuasion from fans and record label, Anja was finally encouraged to act concrete. According with announcements, solo version of the artist will be very female, more delicate and refreshed comparing with Closterkeller’s productions. Deprived of rock claw for subtle electronics, because this time leading role will play synthesizers and samplers. Anja’s intention is to record 100% solo album, which means that for the first time she will be responsible for the whole music, lyrics, production and most of instrumental layers. To cooperate on the solo project Anja invited also special guests – not only musicians. One of them is intriguing artist – visionary Björn Svenson, who will be responsible for the image. 
Soon Anja starts first recordings in order to issue digital EP, which will announce the album. Whole record will be released yet before holidays!
Author: pornocreep
Translator: hellium
Source: Universal Music Polska / 2015-03-17 / News

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