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Closterkeller - Abracadabra Gothic Tour 2014


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This year Closterkeller is celebrating another anniversary - on 10th October the band starts in Piła the 10th edition of their flag tour. Last year it was classic, meaning dark and heavy, this year the listeners will be immersed in hot, dynamic and rocks sounds. This year's tour includes 23 cities and lasts from 10th October till 30th November. This will be the first edition of the tour after the changes in band's line up.

This is even more appealing for the fans of heavy sounds because band's new members, Zuza Jaśkowiak - guitar and Olek Gruszka - bass introduced some freshness and liveliness in the band and among the fans as well.

During the jubilee tour a surprise is planned and the fans of Polish legend of gothic rock are waiting impatiently for it.

"We're going to present a few pre-premiere tracks since the band is currently working on new album" - reveals Anja Orthodox, leader and vocalist of Closterkeller.

The band's members:

Anja Orthodox - vocal, lyrics
Michał Rollinger - keyboards
Robert Qba Kubajek - drums
Olo Gruszka - bass guitar
ZuZa Jaśkowiak - guitar guitar ;)

Watch a new video with new members!

Full schedule of the tour in our calendar.
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