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Polska / Poland

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
Gothic Rock


Band members:

Marcin Tymanowski - vocal
Marcin Gliszczyński - guitar
Arkadiusz Sawicki - guitar
Adrian Tymanowski - bass
Gerard Klawe - drums


Daimonion comes from Piotrkow Trybunalski, Poland. Their music may be called atmospheric rock with a lot of climate, space and dark anxiety. The band has always had good reception live and this form of contacting fans is the band's favourite. Daimonion has produced several demo and live tapes and CDs, as well as one full-length studio album entitled ‘Daimonion’, officially issued on June, 15th 2007 by Love Industry, an indie label from Łódź, Poland. Their songs were included in several medleys, e.g. the one accompanying the 2001 edition of the Castle Party festival in Bolkow, PL, which left the band with a great deal of warm memories of participating in five of its editions. The band was also present on a DVD medley released by Metal Mind Records entitled 'In Goth We Trust', issued to show an overview of the Polish dark and gothic scene.


- the band originates from the ashes of a local formation called Kwiaty Doktora Waleriana
- the first demo tape including early versions of: "Noc", "Obled", "Torami Twojej Produkcji", "Kolory" and "Styks"
- participation in the last edition of the cult Polish rock music festival in Jarocin. The concert entitled "Dark Night" also featured Opposition, Ziyo, Fading Colours, Pornografia and Moonlight
- performances at the first three editions of Castle Party (Grodziec)
- Mokotowska Jesien Muzyczna (Warsaw) - third prize in the contest (after Myslowitz and Atmosphere)
- recording session at the Radio Lodz studio - several songs including "Darkness", "Wiatr", "Poza Toba", and a trance remix version of "Wiatr" by Maciej Werk (Hedone)
- gig with Love Like Blood and Breath of Life at Korona (Cracow)
- the band's activity is suspended until the end of 1997

- subsequent editions of Castle Party (Bolkow)
- gig at Forty - a club in Wroclaw - extensive fragments thereof are included in the 'Forty' promo CD
- recording session for the first studio album entitled ‘Daimonion’
- Dark Nation Day I festival, Vienna
- Dark Nation Day II, Vienna
- gigs along the Autumn 2002 tour of Closterkeller
- another period of hibernation

- one time performance at the Dark East Music Meeting festival in Warsaw with Gerard Klawe as guest drummer. Other bands at the festival were No Signal Detected, God's Own Medicine, Gray/scale, Forgotten Sunrise and Believe. A festival compilation was released with Daimonion's cover of "Here Comes the Rain Again" by Eurythmics.

- official reactivation
- inaugural concert at Proxima (Warsaw) with Closterkeller and Via Mistica (Abracadabra Gothic Tour)
- gig at Rock’n’Roll pub in Piotrkow – filmed to provide the basis of the 2007 promotional DVD+CD package
- official premiere of the so-far unreleased ‘Daimonion’ album
- works on the material for the second full-length album

People who used to play in previous Daimonion line-ups:
Daniel Kruz, Tomek Stelmaszek, Robert Marcinkowski, Arek Bąkowski, Rafał Michalak, Marcin Szewczyk.