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Diary of Dreams

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Coming to Progresja for people from outside of Warsaw it is a quite big challenge, adding bad weather one can imagine the mood of the people waitting in front of the club. But that could be a mistake. After we picked up our editorial friends from the east border we got to the club where a soaked and chilled group of fans impatiently and with excitement waited for the opening of the gates. Unfortunatly because of some unclear organizational ploblems the concert started one hour later. Even though the initial attendance was low the hall gradually filled up.

After the unbearable long waiting, the first who performed was the one-man project Cliche from Lodz, which started in year 2004. The live keys in the form "hari" made the stage more interesting. Well, what can I say about a performance by this duo? It is quite nice synthpop, which catch a little on De/Vision and such bands. We heard 6 tracks - tracklist. Cliche is a project, which in order to become entirely appreciated and objectively criticized should play a little longer. 25 minutes on stage could be only a prelude to a longer romance with the creativity of the project. Unfortunatly it wasn`t time for a longer performance. Some were discouraged by the necessity of waiting hours for Diary of Dreams and left the hall and went to a bar to make their mood better in a more subtle way or not.

1. F-ear
2. Nie pamietasz mnie
3. W stanie nierzeczywistym
4. Fast cars
5. Niewolnik
6. Locked

Agonised by Love- most people know a curious story of the band. From the beginning of their career when they were proclaimed the Polish equivalent of Diary of Dreams, they made a long way totally modifing their repertuar to the form which the band presented for us today- from a soft music they turned to a rather hard and dynamic electro. A foretaste of the changes we could hear during their previous show at Festival in year 2007, but the new sounds of Agonised by Love were completelly showed now. The stage shrouded of the dense volume of smoke, the harsh spot- lighting in connection with a substantial dose of electronics made a pretty good effect. The only objection one can have to person of vocalist- his eccentric looks and his not suiting voice to the new sound of the band, it didn`t fit so good to the atmosphere and the music playing by "new" AbL. The group presented the old tracks in modern musical setting and tracks from the coming in some future longplay. Finally I can say that a lot of people gathered by the stage and the enthusiastic responsed from them were a proof that AbL made a good concert and the electronic side of the band succeeded.

1. Control you
2. Southern sun
3. Close behind you
4. Hhelter
5. Aspetto solo te
6. Litlle ghost
7. Silent war

The fans of Diary of Dreams were put to the proof in the form of never-ending pause. Among the crowd by the stage the excitement was almost perceptible. The first rows were filled with the most persistent admirers of the band. During every moment a hope rose that DoD`s show will live up to the expectations even those of the most exactings. Finally a memorable moment came- on stage turned up Adrian in long, black coat and Guan..The screams of the female part of public for a moment deafened by the sound of thousand watt (what else could one expect?). The concert was played excellent almost in every regard. DoD I`ve seen many times- on small as well as on big stages, I have then a comparative scale. The public enthusiastically responded for every move the band made, singing some songs together with the band or listening intently to the others songs. Clearly the show was not giving pleasure only to the fans, Adrian performing a`capella XXXxxx caused the gathered girls something what is called "wet eyes". The bands emotional attitude became appreciated by the cheering public. During almost the 100 minutes show DoD presented tracks comprising a survey of all the previous creativity. Some loudly complained about the lack of a few hits but even without them the tracklist was well prepared and they played 3 encores. And that happens not so often. A strange move by the band, which can be see as a defect, was reducing the visual part of the concert. We were missing some hooded figures and decorations on stage. The show`s scenery in comparision with German part of this year`s tournee was scanty but we don`t know how far it was intentional or to what extent it was caused by financial constrains...

The sum up the evening, one can say the concerts were good or very good. Together with after parties at which people were having fun to the sets served by Dj H.12, Dj GothZilla and Dj Enkil- everything was organised and arranged pretty good, excluding a few small stumbles (ofcourse it is about delayed concert) there is nothing to pick at. We should wish the organizers good luck and as good attendance like at this concert and keep ours fingers crossed for the next performance DoD in Poland... though soon there is a concert of Diorama..

Translator: Jowa
Add date: 2008-07-08 / Live reports

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