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Emilie Autumn

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Emilie Autumn
Emilie Autumn

Emilie Autumn
Emilie Autumn


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Gothic, industrial


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Emilie Autumn - Singer, Musician, Writer, Poet, Artist, Model, Producer


Emilie Autumn (born September 22nd, 1977 in Malibu, California, United States, currently residing in Chicago) is a violinist, singer-songwriter and poet. She is best known for her wide range of musical s tyles, especially her usage of theatrics. Autumn started learning the violin at the age of four, and trained in conservatories as a composer, conductor, and music historian, but moved into popular music. After spending a summer in France recording with Courtney Love, Autumn was invited to join Love's touring band, The Chelsea. She quickly gained attention as a solo performer, and was chosen as one of Interview Magazine's "14 to Be", a pictorial featuring fourteen up-and-coming young female stars. After walking away from her first major label contract at the age of eighteen, Autumn returned to her classical roots and released her solo violin debut album, recorded when she was seventeen, On a Day..., with the label she created and still controls, Traitor Records. Since the creation of her own production company, Autumn has branched out to create a number of side projects (The Jane Brooks Project, RavenSong, and Convent).