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Zombie Girl

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Zombie Girl
Renee Cooper-Komor

Zombie Girl
Zombie Girl

Kanada / Canada

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
dark electro, ebm, electronic, industrial


Band members:

Renee Cooper-Komor - vocals, lyrics 
Sebastian R. Komor - music, lyrics 


Zombie Girl is a Canadian born project, located in Edmonton, Canada. Dont let that fool you, the people behind Zombie Girl are experienced musicians and vocalists. With many years of experience in music making and production. The music can be described as electronic dancefloor music, with elements of rock'n'roll and good old horror movie themes, with a touch of humour. It is pumping, grooving and tremendeaously lead by the sexy and captivating vocals of Renee Cooper. Renee is the voice, body and spirit behind Zombie Girl.